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Dir en grey. [WEST COAST]

A community for Dir en grey West Coast America tours and fans.

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Dir en grey [WEST COAST]
Welcome to the community made for Dir en grey West Coast USA Tours. Originated from the March 2006 concert at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, this community has expanded to bring together and help out fans who plan on attending lives anywhere along the West Coast. Here you can post information or ask questions on West Coast concerts; including transportation, lodging, venues, tickets, etc, as well as any news regarding US releases of albums, DVDs, or singles. Read the rules and enjoy.
o1. Stay on topic. No posts about East Coast concerts, requests for uploads or pictures, etc. There are other communities for that.
o2. Play nice with each other. We won't tolerate flaming and/or unecessary arguments.
o3. Check the memories. The answers to your questions may be there. Take a look before posting; it'll be helpful.
o4. Do not post unofficial media. Meaning don't share pictures or clips that go against Dir en grey's management rules.
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